Anbernic RG300 Handheld Game Console, Retro Game Console OpenDingux Tony System

Built-in 2500 GAMES Built in 2500 classic games, all original and no repeat. Open Linux System, Can add emulators and games with related format. Perfectly support PS1, CPS1, CPS2, FBA, NEOGEO, NEOGEO POCKET, GBA, GBC, GB, FC/NES, SFC/SNES, MD, SMS, GG, PCE, WSC, Transplant Games, etc. 20 kinds of games format. 3 INCH IPS SCREEN 3 Inch High-definition IPS Screen, very clear display. Tempered glass, double protection with scratchproof and anti-fall, brings exciting gaming experience and better eye protection. 1800MAH HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY Built-in 1800mAh high capacity lithium battery for ultra-long standby time and battery life. Support up to 6 hours game playing. Support fast charging with USB Type-C cable. …..

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