MiSTer Complete System FPGA DE10-Nano Retro Games C64 Commodore 64 Style

  • October 11, 2021
  • mister
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This is a custom MiSTer retro games system inspired by the Commodore 64 computer. The MiSTer is an FPGA based open-source system designed to recreate the original hardware experience of classic Arcades, Consoles & Computers up to the early 90s. Comes with a C64-inspired case using a custom-made PLA by colorFabb that matches the C64’Breadbin’ RAL colour. I/O Board (with RGB/VGA port out) with Fan. HDMI out & Line/TOSLINK out. 128MB SDRAM – ready for all official cores. MiSTer Official built-in USB Hub & Hub Connector – use any USB Mouse, USB Keyboard or USB Gamepad! International Powerful PSU – 5V 4A (includes UK/USA/EU/AU connectors). Set up 128GB Genuine SanDisk/Samsung/Pioneer/Kioxia …..

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