Black/Khaki PS Vita Slim 64GB with Vita/PSP/PS1 and Retro Games

All PS Vita games and many PSP and PS1 games are available to download for free through the custom library program PKGj. PSP and PS1 games are played through the Adrenaline app. Retro games can be accessed by opening the RetroArch all in one emulator app, selecting Load Content, and navigating to ux0:/ROMs/. There’s 14,000+ retro games from the following consoles. Nintendo Gameboy Classic Nintendo Gameboy Color Nintendo Gameboy Advance Nintendo Entertainment System Super Nintendo Entertainment System Sega Genesis Sega Master System Sega Game Gear Commodore 64. Homebrewed PS Vita ready to play out of the box, no extra work is needed on your part. No PSN account is linked …..

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