Terminator 2 Arcade1UP Gaming Cabinet Machine with Matching Riser Light Up Marquee

The Terminator 2 Arcade Machine available mid February includes two guns with force feedback, light-up marquee, custom riser, and WIFI for leaderboards. Redefining family game rooms, game caves, and even home offices, Arcade1Up game cabinets have quickly become absolute must-haves for video game enthusiasts and pop-culture collectors alike; they play great, look great, and are instant conversation pieces. Utilizing sleek light guns for one or two players to play the roles of T-800 cyborgs, the game featured Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Patrick, and Eddie Furlong reprising their respective roles in digitized footage. With its beautifully vibrant cabinet artwork, along with matching riser, stool, and crisp display graphics, the Arcade1Up Terminator 2 …..

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