TAPDRA 3A Original Pandora’s Box 6 Arcade Board Full DIY Kit, 1300 Retro Game

  • October 3, 2020
  • tapdra
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TAPDRA 3A Original Pandora&#######x27;s Box 6 Arcade Board Full DIY Kit, 1300 Retro Games with Buttons/joysticks/Harness Cable/Power, Support Add FBA MAME PS, HDMI VGA Output. The “Pandora’s Box Arcade Stick(PBAS)” comes with classic Retro Multiple Arcade Games, We have managed to bring these games after a number of hardware and software technology development through our rich experience to match the expectations of the high level of enthusiasts players. Supports Game Classification Function which is convenient for players to find games according to the Genre of Game(such as fighting Genre) OR Game Name(such as the name of the game beginning with A letter). The same type of game can be arranged …..

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