LCL Pi-Boy CM4 Mini Portable Retro Game Console 30000+Game PSP/PS1/N64/Dreamcast

  • November 24, 2021
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LCL Pi-boy CM4 Mini Portable Retro Game Console 30000+Games HD TV Console Video Gaming Player PSP/PS1/N64/Saturn/Dreamcast. PSP/PS1/N64/Saturn/Dreamcast/NAOMI/ATOMISWAVE It can run smoothly, which no other handheld can make it. CM-4 Pi boy handheld is totally an epoch-making product. 30000 retro games already pre-installed. 256G 30000 games have been installed, almost all of the classic retro games we know from 19802000 year. Meanwhile, users can install games themself easily too. To play games on TV with the family. HDMI-Compatible output is supported, which makes the Pi-boy handheld also work as a TV game console. Get the wired or wireless controllers, the family can play together, Bingo! Excellent hardware and designs: 3.5 inches …..

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Raspberry pi 3B+ Gameboy Retro gaming

Raspberry pi 3B+ Gameboy Retro gaming. The case is printed in resin and dye purple but didn’t come out the way i want it, little warp barely noticeable, on board WIFI does not work will need to transfer games via the Usb port or use a wifi dongle. 7200mha battery lasting about 2 to 3hours depending on the load. Hyperperpixel 4inch square lcd by Pimoroni. USB out for prereferral headphone jack, usb-c for charging. For the volume its a combination of hot-keys, press and hold Home button, and press the Dpad up to plus or down to minus. To exit out of a game simply press home and start at …..

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