The Recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum Console GorillaSpoke Classic Retro Games

The Recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum. 1980’s Style Console. GorillaSpoke for Classic Retro Games. The only Sinclair ZX Spectrum device for use with phones. Tablets, Macs / PCs and even TVs. Authentic rubber-key, play-control of games – classic and modern. IWireless with high-speed Bluetooth 3.0 technology. Optimized – the recreated device’s’GAME’ layer has been perfected for. IOS / Android apps and for games in general. QWERTY layer has been honed for applications requiring access. To all the functionality of a full-size keyboard. Supports Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast enabling wireless. The only’Sinclair ZX Spectrum’ styled Bluetooth keyboard for. Use with phones, tablets, Macs and PCs. Connect wirelessly with High speed Bluetooth …..

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