Panasonic MSX2 FS-A1 4 software Used retro Vintage game DHL

Panasonic MSX2 FS-A1 26 software. Condition : USED Since the software comes with a premiere, it is priced slightly higher. JOYSTICK II [HX-J401] has been added as a bonus. Description of item: Panasonic FS-A1 and 4 software set. FS-A1 has all except AA batteries. Metal Gear [METAL GEAR] 2. Gradius 2 [GRADIUS2] 3. Hyper Sports 3 Note: TAKERU version. Note: The Hyper Sports 3 box is incorrectly labeled Hyper Olympic 3. All with box + manual + accessories. I think that all products with boxes and instructions are rare. Boxes are slightly damaged and dirty, but the contents are relatively clean. Please check the detailed product status in the photo. …..

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Panasonic MSX turbo R FS-A1ST retro vintage game Dark Gray USED DHL

Panasonic MSX turbo R FS-A1ST retro vintage game USED. Condition : USED he keyboard and body case may discolor or stain over time. The floppy belt has been replaced. The main key has been confirmed for the game start in the cartridge slot 1, the game start in the floppy, and basic. Image output and audio output have also been confirmed. There are some changes due to power supply replacement. Since the switching power supply is housed inside, the parts related to the original power supply are removed and housed. The power supply is using the cartridge slot 2 as shown in the photo, and the cartridge slot 2 cannot …..

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Panasonic MSX2+ FS-A1WSX Desktop Computer Console retro game used JUNK Black

Panasonic MSX2+ FS-A1WSX Desktop Computer Console. Thank you for reading this time. This is a high school student who came out when I cleaned up my family the other day and sent it back as a PC I bought for 70,000 yen and came out at the time. I think that the body is quite beautiful for only a few years, but the box is quite damaged and there is no manual. It becomes the main body and the power cord. We confirmed only energization. I would like to send out the styrofoam while keeping it in the box as it is. Please treat this with junk items. Product number …..

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PANASONIC MSX2 FS-A1 controller Hydride 3 Used retro game Black

PANASONIC MSX2 FS-A1 26 software. Condition : USED This is the main body of MSX2, with Hydride-3 software. Only energization has been confirmed. Other operations are unconfirmed. Accessories are only hydride-3 software, controller and outlet. There are no other accessories. This is just a simple cleaning, so please re-clean it yourself. There may be scratches and dirt that are difficult to understand in the photo. More than 2 kg, the sum of 3 sides of the package is 90CM or more. International Buyers – Please Note. The item “PANASONIC MSX2 FS-A1 controller Hydride 3 Used retro game Black” is in sale since Monday, October 7, 2019. This item is in …..

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Panasonic REAL 3DO FZ-1 Video Game Console System 1993 Retro

Excellent Condition – Tested. There are no noticeable scratches and dirt on the body. Judge the condition with the pictures. It’s fast, safe and easy. The other carriers may apply. Depending on the size and weight of the product. Please ask the details in advance if you need it faster and safer. When SAL, e Packet Lite and e Packet>. Especially Russia, South America. (Highly recommended to choose EMS). It may take longer than usual during holiday season. Please ask us before you open a case. We will do our best to solve a problem. If you find any problems/defections with our products, please feel free to contact within 1 …..

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