Nintendo Wii Modded bundle Gamecube Wii Ps1 & Retro Games 2TB

2TB Of Gamecube and Wii Games Modded Bundle. Great for kids and adults at home from work or school due to the pandemic. 551 Nintendo Wii Games. 1,004 SNES Games. 1,158 GameBoy Advance Games. 598 GameBoy Classic Games. 569 GameBoy Color Games. 788 Sega Genesis Games. 345 Master System Games. 113 Neo Geo Games. 213 Nintendo GameBoy Games. 300 Nintendo 64 Games. Custom Channels on launch screen. Unlimited games like Mame, Atari, Sega, Super Nintendo, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advanced on a full 32 GB SD card. HOMEBREW, USB LOADER, AND MORE INSTALLED. 1x White Nintendo Wii Console. 1x (Mystery) Color GameCube Controller. 1x White Authentic OEM Wii Remote. 1x White …..

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