Wii Homebrew Modded 2TB Hard Drive 32gb SD 757Wii+313GC+20K emulator retro games

  • December 29, 2019
  • homebrew
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I WILL NOT SELL TO 0 FEEDBACK SCORE BUYERS. The Wii case looks used. It has the usual gloss white with light scratches finish, to include the lint magnetism. It has been blown out, tweaked, tested, and tested again. This is a GameCube ported Wii. If you want to play, use original GC controllers, a classic, classic pro, or Smash bros controller, all work just fine for GameCube games. The hard drive case is new, the Hitachi 2TB drive is young with less than 8% of it’s lifetime used up. I use the server Hitachi’s because they average 1 million+ hours of use before failure. This one was reading 76k …..

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