Fully Loaded Retro Game Console RetroPie Raspberry Pi 4b 7765 Games 128gb

  • November 10, 2020
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Introducing my Nes4Pie RetroPie 128gb with 7765 hand picked games! You might be getting older, but some Plug and Play Retro gaming nostalgia will make you feel young again. 19 Super Nintendo Hacks. 1035 Game Boy Advance. 535 Game Boy Color. 277 Sega Master System. 13 Sega Genesis Hacks. 248 Sega Game gear. 140 Family Computer Disk System. 30 Sega Genesis 32X. Also included is my personal collection of hand picked fan made games. Fully assembled and Included is. One RetroPie Gaming Console Raspberry Pi 4B 2gb. One GENUINE 128GB San-disk Ultra MICRO SD Card. One New new limited edition Nes4pie Case with active cooling. One New quality High-Speed Micro …..

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