HDMI Output Raspberry Pi CM-3L GP430 Retro Game Console 4.3 IPS Retropie OS Wifi

  • January 2, 2021
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[Raspberry Pi CM-3L] [Optimized Retropie System] [HDMI Output] [Wifi Online TV] GP430 Retro Game Console 4.3 inch Full Lamination IPS Screen. Pre-installed 40+ Emulators, 15000+ Games inside. Powered by Raspberry Pi CM-3L, Optimized Retropie System. Quad-core CPU 1.2GHz, ARM Cortex-A53, 1GB RAM, 64GB Memory. HDMI Output, 4.3 inch Full Lamination IPS Screen. Support WIFI Connected, Online Media(Online Video, Music, Radio, Online TV). With 5000MAh High-Performance Lithium Battery. Game List, Pls Contact with us. More Function, Pls Check the User Manual. Powerful Function with GP430. Powerd by Raspberry Pi CM-3L. The motherboard is based on the Raspberry Pi CM-3L computing module, with the same performance as Raspberry Pi 3B, far exceeding …..

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Nintendo Virtual Boy Console System 1995 rare retro game Red Black 3D 32bit Used

Nintendo Virtual Boy Console System. CPU: Custom V810 (20MHz) RAM: 1MB SRAM: 512KB Screen: 4 gradation monochrome, 384 x 224 dots, screen brightness can be adjusted in 32 steps. Sound: 16-bit stereo waveform memory sound source 5ch (5th channel can be swept and modulated) + noise 1ch [5] Controller: 6 buttons (A button, B button, START button, SELECT button, L button, R button), 2 cross keys, power switch, battery box included Communication port: There are no peripherals that use it. Deleted in the overseas version. It is one size larger than that of Game Boy. Power supply: Uses 6 AA batteries. If you use an optional adapter, you can use …..

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