SUPER FAST Retro Games Console Plug & Play HIGH SPEC Arcade Machine, HDMI

  • May 8, 2020
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POWERFUL RETRO GAMES CONSOLE. Imagine playing all your FAVORITE games from over 30 systems, all the way from nes, snes, neogeo to PLAYSTATION, saturn and DREAMCAST. The custom games menu has full game information and artwork, it also includes a video preview of the games as well.. (see pics) SIMPLY CHOOSE BETWEEN 160GB OR 300GB AND SELECT ONE OR TWO GAMEPADS. PLEASE READ BELOW FOR MORE INFO. PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE WITH ANY QUESTIONS. Find our facebook page by searching Lightningmodzuk on FB for pics and videos of the console in action. The 300GB system is more than x4 faster than a raspberry pi3b+ capable of fullspeed dreamcast and …..

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Pandora Treasure 2885 in1 Games Retro Video Game Arcade Console 3D HDMI New

You may also like. Pandora Treasure 2885 in1 Games Retro Video Game Arcade Console 3D HDMI New. NEW Pandora Treasure 3D 2885 Games Retro Video Game Arcade Console for N64/DC/PSP HDMI 1080P. This metal double stick console supports two players at the same time, and it have the pause function. This arcade console of Pandora Treasure 3D contains 38 3D games and 2847 2D classic arcade games, such as: KOF, Metal Slug, Street Fighter, etc. It can expand more 3D games through TF card or U Disk. Support PSP/DC/N64 formats 3D games. It is provides HDMI and VGA high-definition output, it can be connected PC/Nintendo/XBOX/PS4 and various monitors, such as: …..

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